The winners of the $10 gift cards
from Peas & Carrots are:

Laura Chilton ~ Washington


Meg ~


Who can be a hostess?
Anyone with a blog is eligible.

What does a hostess do?
Each hostess is responsible for hosting a "table" for What I Know Now, May 8th - 16th. However, all your work will be done by Friday, May 2nd, so during the actual event, you can blog hop, party and win great prizes with everyone else. Each hostess must seat at least 5, but no more than 15 moms at her "table".

How do I seat people at my table?
Tag five to fifteen friends to submit a post for What I Know Now but be sure that they allow YOU to email the link to their post to me by noon, EST on Friday, May 2nd. That means that YOU are responsible for making sure they understand the rules but that they submit their posts to YOU, rather than directly to me. You may invite your friends any way you an invitation on your blog...send an email. It's up to you.

Why would I want to be hostess?
A couple of reasons. First, the 15 hostesses will have their What I Know Now posts highlighted at the top of the submission list. As you know, the closer you are the top of the list, the more likely people are to visit YOUR blog and read YOUR post. Secondly, you increase your chances DRAMATICALLY for the door prize drawings. The door prize list is growing daily and you will LOVE the goodies! Submitting your own post by May 2nd puts your name in the hat twice, but as a hostess, you also get an additional door prize entry for every person that you "seat". So, for example, if you have your own entry submitted by May 2nd AND you seat 7 moms (submit their entries) by May 2nd, your name goes in the hat NINE TIMES!!! Make sense?

Why would anyone want to sit at my table?
Guests who are seated by a hostess by the May 2nd deadline are entered three times in the door prize drawings. They would be entered only twice if they came solo.

What if I sign up to be a hostess, but I do not seat at least five friends?
In that case, your hostess perks will be forfeited but you, and the friends that you have seated, will still have two entries each for the door prize drawings as long as the submissions are in by the May 2nd deadline.

How do I sign up to be a hostess?
There are only 15 hostess slots available. The deadline to sign up for hostessing is 12:00 noon (EST) on Tuesday, April 29th. You must sign up to be a hostess BEFORE you will be allowed to seat anyone. Please do not recruit submissions before signing up! You may sign up by emailing me at [subject: "hostess"]. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation by email. Please do not begin seating guests until you receive your confirmation.

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