Thursday's the big day!

Welcome to the Mother's Day Blog Bash!
The giveaway gallery will be open by noon on Thursday, May 8th, but I thought some of you might like to get a head start reading the posts that have already been submitted and joining up with Mr. Linky while you're waiting on the giveaway gallery to open! For those of you who Stumble, Mixx, Digg and Sk*rt, please let others know about this blog bash. I hope this is just the first of many but the turnout here will determine how many I do in the future. (It's a lot of hard work!)

I can not say enough about the wonderful ladies who helped me with this event. The next blog bash is coming soon! If you would like to be a hostess or a "twitterer" for the next event, details are here.

the Hostesses...
Kara at Bringing Home Ava

Tara at Feels Like Home

Milk Goddess at Life and Times of a Mom Lacking Sleep

Kristinia at Kristinia Leanna

Heather at This Thing We Call Life

Kristin at An Ordinary Life

and the Twitterers: (If you're tweeting for me and not on this list, it's because I'm not adding any new names once I publish this post but I am accepting new Twitterers until noon (EST), Friday, May 9th! See the "sticky" at the top of this page for details.)



The following moms submitted their What I Know Now posts early and have earned additional entries in each of the door prize drawings! Mom's highlighted in orange are also hosting their own giveaways during The Mother's Day Blog Bash. If you aren't on this list, be sure to get in early on the next blog bash, coming soon! Click here for more details! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through these posts and hope that you will take some time this week to do the same. You will be blessed! If you want to share What I Know NOW about motherhood, use Mr. Linky, below!

Kara at Bringing Home Ava

Tara at Feels Like Home is giving away one free card design!

Kristinia at Kristinia Leanna

Kristin at An Ordinary Life

Christie at
Divine Calling

Sky Seery at
Seeryus Mama

Lilith Silvermane at
Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom

Stacey at
All Because Two People Fell In Love

Sweetpea at
Broad Horizons

Candace at
Sometimes Can can

Kimberly at
Oh My Baby is giving away a t-shirt from Girl Mogul!

Janci at J Saga

Genny at MyCup2Yours

In addition to these, a few non-bloggers also got in on the early bird perks by posting their What I Know Now comments here and here.

Enter the Giveaway Gallery

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